The business artist way
The View
The Business Artist offers an holistic view on human potential for meaningful development. The view is taking the whole being and its interaction with the environment into consideration. It starts with personal reflection and transformation.
After Taylorism fragmented all fields, The Business Artist Way brings them back together, seeing every person as one and the same being - no matter what the context - and understanding the interrelations of different abilities and the brain.
The human mind is not divided into compartments. On the contrary, it is highly interactive and designed for thinking in associations and networks rather than silos. Neuroscientific research has found that the brain has the ability to reorganize itself in response to new information, development or sensory stimulation. The phenomenon is called neuroplasticity. This means: human beings are not born with a certain 'state of mind' but their brain can change. Providing a broad variety of stimuli and impressions has impact on the way we think.
Neuroplasticity means that intelligence is fluid. The view of intelligence has been very limited in the past, being dominated by academic perspectives and reasoning while in reality intelligence is highly diverse. It includes all our senses and ways of thinking: from sound, vision and kinesthetics to abstract thought, reason and creative expression. By including all ways of thinking and multiple intelligences when looking at human beings, highly diverse talents, abilities and potentials emerge.
The Mindset
The Business Artist Way developes a mindset for exploration, creation and empowerment.