The business artist way
Strategic Impact
The Business Artist Way changes the perspective on the world. It opens doors where there were none before and it creates access to undiscovered potential within human beings. It enables high impact change and continuous transformation.
The Business Artist Programme developes mindset and skills for leaders to craft the future. It has impact on all levels: strategic, tactical and operational.
The Core of the Organisation
The Business Artist Way offers deep-impact transformation in how to lead and how to do business. It has many positive benefits, here are a few.
New Management Paradigm
The approach develops a new management paradigm focused on empowerment, collaboration and diversity in human potential.
Systemic Perspective
It takes interrelations, systems, cause and consequence and a holistic perspective into consideration for decision making.
Long-term Competitiveness
The approach builds foundational leadership mindset and skills to be able to craft the future and creatively reinvent the business constantly.
Innovative Organisational Culture
It is driver of innovative organisational cultures focusing on ideation, collaboration, trust, learning, experimentation and agile leadership.
Meaningful Engagement
It enhances engagement and ownership to have a strong impact on financial results and are spark for innovation and organisational development.
Empowering Leadership
It supports leaders to empower others and to foster a climate of trust for collaborative work and decision making, self-direction and decentralization.
Learning Agility
The approach develops change agility, mental agility, people agility and results agility to thrive on new experiences and a constantly changing world.
Diverse Human Potential
It develops self-awareness and transparency in skills, abilities, talents, aptitudes and potential within leaders and to see and foster those in others.
Creative Confidence and Ability
The approach developes creative skills and mindset for problem solving, idea generation and co-creation as the prerequisit for innovation.
Value-based Action
The approach offers a clear compass for sustainable and ethical action based on humanistic values and with focus on purposeful action.
Complementary Skills to Tech
It develops a skillset focused on human strengths of imagination, creativity, problem solving, empathy and social interaction to complement technology.
Tripple Bottom Line Effect
The approach aims towards delivering sustainable results, developing a social enterprise and creating action with strong financial effect.
Value Creation
It has a strong focus on creating intellectual, financial, social and emotional value for people, organisations and society.
Organisational Transformation
It empowers leaders to actively drive organisational transformation for digital, culture or business model change.
Human-Tech Collaboration
The approach fosters mindset and ability to creatively interact with technology and co-create with machines as a partner for innovation.
Additional Options for
Organisational Integration
To integrate The Business Art Facilitator Programme into the organisation and make it integral part of the organisational transformation and leadership development, several options can be discussed.
Strategic Alignment
To strategically aligne the organisation and the programme for clear vision and direction to harness the full power of the programme.
Integration Consulting
To develop a concept to integrate the programme into the organisational culture, processes and infrastructure and synchronize it with other development tools.
Integration Workshops
To enable organisational members from i.e. human resources, learning and development, organisational development or culture transformation to support leaders in their development and new roles.
Leadership and Culture Analysis
To understand where the organisation stands and what the culture is made of to actively work with obstacles and barriers and drive change based on data and clear goals during the programme.
Leadership Selection
To select suitable participants for the programme and support the application and selection process to create the highest fit and motivation possible.
Sparring and Coaching
To support leaders during the programme and in between workshops to leverage their full potential and offer sparring and personal exchange.
Development Diagnostics
We take care about our clients time. Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions.
Facilitation Fresh up
To fresh up and further grow skills after the programme with focus on long-term development.
The Trial
Test The Business Artist Way and book your Trial Workshop.