The business artist way
Business Art Facilitator Programme
The Business Art Faciltator Programme prepares leadership teams for an uncertain future and fosters the ability to create from within to stay competitive.
The Programme developes mindset, values, identity, understanding of bigger context, meta-skills, methods, process, implementation ability, facilitation and leadership skills and the relevant experience as part of the training. It supports leaders to craft the future.
High-Impact Leadership Development Programme
How does it work?
The Business Art Facilitator Programm is made for leadership in times of constant fast-paced change creating a need for continuous organisational transformation and creative reinvention for competitiveness. Unfolding human potential for that
The Programme is based on The Business Artist Way Organisational Transformation Model, which is made of four phases (understand the present, foster the mindset, unfold human potential and collaborate and innovate). Every phase of the model is backed with a Transformation Profile for leaders to take on particular roles needed (complexity navigator, mindset shifter, creative leader and culture shaper). The Programme supports leaders to build unique Mindset, Skillset, Methods and Growth Process to facilitate meaningful human engagement and creative empowerment in times of uncertainty.
It has
strong strategic impact on the organisation.

Leaders become Business Art Facilitators - multipliers for high-impact transformation to craft the future.

Business Art Facilitators:
Leaders who Craft the Future
The Programme is made of four profiles. Every profile consists of three workshops and one facilitator masterclass.
There are 4x(3+1)=16
elements for growth.
Flow of every Profile
Each workshop has a duration of 2 days and is embedded in a comprehensive learning journey. Reflection and preperatory content is part of every workshop. The Programme is a high-intensity training for high impact.
The workshops are experience-based and fuse methods from various business fields with arts-based learning tools to offer new perspectives and use applied creativity for comprehension and growth.
In between the workshops, learned tools and concepts are applied by the leaders within the organisation in form of small projects. This can be accompanied by leadership coaching.
Facilitator Masterclass
Every profile finishes with a 2-day Facilitator Masterclass. In addition, various exercises and individual and group projects ensure the development of facilitation skills and direct implementation in the organisation.
Preperatory Reflection
Reflective tasks and preperatory involvement with the topics and content is part of every workshop. Participants look into topics from different angles and used different tools to make thought patterns visable.
Feedback and Exchange
Feedback by peers, employees, coaches (optional) and The Business Artist during and after the workshops and masterclasses is an essential part of the personal growth process. Guided dialogue between participants while learning allows exchange in protected space.
Project-based Implementation
Participants learn through creation and application. Tasks, exercises, challenges and projects are part of the training. Leaders directly implement tools and methods within the company and with their employees. They receive valueable feedback and can experiment to find their own way of working with the approach. Furthermore, their work gets visability within the organisation.
From Understand the Present/ Complexity Navigator Profile:
Befriend Unknown
Dealing with uncertainty
and information variety

The VUCA-world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex Ambiguous) is multi-layered and muddled. For organisations this has many effects, positive and negative. While being able to access enormous amounts of information and data, the amount of uncertainty has never been as high as today. Leadership is in need of distinct information literacy and a constant scanning mode to be aware of external developments. But it is also necessary to look at uncertainty and the unknown through different eyes and befriend the state, as it is here to stay.
  • Understanding megatrends, global drivers, the future of work and their relevance for the big picture
  • Exploring uncertainty and its meaning for leadership and business
  • Using tools to see and experience interrelations and effects and foster transparency
  • Art installation and visual illustration
  • Trend research and mapping
  • Exploratory learning methods
  • Interactive, Socratic sessions
Leadership Skillset for Impact
Deal with ambiguous information
There is no one solution to questions, no right or wrong. Valid opinions are all developed based on a variety of information that is consciously selected and interpreted. Dealing with ambiguity is an essential skill for decision making.
Consider the big picture and global view
Everything is connected and build in systems. Every action has effect on other parts and the bigger system. Global connectivity requires an understanding of the bigger picture. It requires to take on a global mindset and to value differences.
See interrelations and effects of action
As everything is connected and embedded in context there are interrelations to consider in leadership. Thinking in networks and seeing the effect on context is essential. It requires the ability to consider consequences on scale.
Redefine uncertainty and the unknown
Uncertainty and the unknown are conditions human beings struggle with. Security and comfort are two things our brain thrives for. It is part of our primal instinct. To work with it constructively and not fear-driven, a redifinition is needed.
Try It Out!
Chose one profile and get a blend of the three workshops designed as a 2 day Trial Workshop. Customize it with your own topics and experience the unique impact live.
The Profiles
The Business Art Facilitator Programme is based on four profiles for transformation.