Unfolding human potential in the digital age
The Business Artist Way
Unique Leadership Development
with Strategic Impact on
Unfolding Human Potential and Crafting the Future
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Leadership Reinvented!
In the 21st century, we have complex challenges ahead of us that need solving. This means we need to step up a creative gear and ACT.
For a new era and playing field, organisations are in urgent need of creative leaders with a mindset for high-impact action, comprehensive understanding of the world and its interrelations and emotional and social intelligence for leading the human part of transformation.
The 21st century requires a
reinvention of leadership for creative competitiveness.
The future is here.
Are your ready for the challenges?
New Human Identity

Tech Revolution

Human-Tech Interaction

Complex Problems

Age of Uncertainty

Global Connectivity

Dear organisations and leaders,
A new era has begone, you have to level up your game!
If you want to shape the future, a different kind of leadership is needed.
Visionary Minds
Impact Creators
Future Crafters
Different Makers
To create strategic impact and transform organisations, we need leaders who are able to craft the future and empower others to do the same.

Companies need multipliers of creativity and exploration and facilitators for continuous value creation and meaningful engagement.
Companies need
Business Art Facilitators
Leaders who Craft the Future
The process of developing Business Art Facilitators
is a path of its own. It is unique and offers a profound change in perspective for high impact transformation.
It is called The Business Artist Way.
Leadership development for HUMAN AND STrategic Impact
The Business Artist Way
Empowering Leaders
to unfold Human Potential in the Digital Age and
Craft the Future through Business Art Facilitation
Try It Out!
Chose one profile and get a blend of the three workshops designed as a 2 day Trial Workshop. Customize it with your own topics and experience the unique impact live.
Strategic Impact on the Organisation
New Management Paradigm
The approach develops a new management paradigm focused on empowerment, collaboration and diversity in human potential.
Systemic Perspective
It takes interrelations, systems, cause and consequence and a holistic perspective into consideration for decision making.
Long-term Competitiveness
The approach builds foundational leadership mindset and skills to be able to craft the future and creatively reinvent the business constantly.
Organisational Transformation
It empowers leaders to actively drive organisational transformation for digital, culture or business model change.
Innovative Organisational Culture
It is driver of innovative organisational cultures focusing on ideation, collaboration, trust, learning, experimentation and agile leadership.
New Value Creation
It has a strong focus on creating intellectual, financial, social and emotional value for people, organisations and society.
Empowering Leadership
It supports leaders to empower others and to foster a climate of trust for collaborative work and decision making, self-direction and decentralization.
The approach develops change agility, mental agility, people agility and results agility to thrive on new experiences and a constantly changing world.
The Business Artist Way in Numbers
The essence of research, design and experience.
Participants in academic and non-academic environment
Years of of ideation, prototyping, testing and development
Hours of research
and conceptualization
Iterations and agile reviews for improvement
Unique Fusion of Business and the Arts
Taking the best from two worlds and fusing it for a unique approach.
The creator
The Business Artist
Judith Hartlmaier is the creator of The Business Artist Way.
She is The Business Artist.

Judith Hartlmaier

The Business Artist and Creator of The Business Artist Way
The Business Artist: