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Consultancies and Training Organisations
Dear fellow contributers,
Are YOU ready to level up your game?

Design Thinking and agile methodology have arrived in organisations and are getting integrated in entire companies. To facilitate the implementation of innovative and agile approaches as a consultancy or training organisation, you need extraordonary personalities and experience to successfully transform business models, organisational cultures and mindsets of people.
You know the challenges...
High Competitiveness
Attracting and developing clients through unique value in a competitive marketplace is most challenging. Agile and Design Thinking is established now and no longer a USP.
Service Fragmentation
Providing sustainable impact throughout the entire service value chain is hard. We live in a fast-paced world, where ad-hoc services are part of fragmented solutions by various service providers.
Forgetting the Human
Digital transformation is culture and people transformation but long-term integration is difficult. Focusing on tech, product and strategy is not enough and misses to deliver real impact on human mindsets.
Lack of Network Partners
Innovation itself is going through massive change and you have to stay relevant and up-to-date through collaboration and networked approach. Finding the right partner is difficult.
Lack of International Perspective
Understanding global developments, cultures and innovation from the East and China is essential to stay competitive and understand innovation needs today. Expertise on the market is rare.
Lack of Exeptional Talent
You are having a hard time finding exceptional talent and experienced employees with holistic and complex thinking skills to deliver exeptional experiences?
Your clients need radical change to transfrom and to stay competitive. That means: so do you!
You know you need to create high-impact experiences,
but how do you keep it fresh and different?
Are you set up for creativity and radically new perspectives to offer to leaders and employees?
Because that's what you need to solve the complex problems of your clients in the age of technology
Creativity is now as important as literacy and we should treat it with the same status. (...) (But) you can't just give someone a creativity injection. You have to create an environment for curiosity and a way to encourage people and get the best out of them. (...) Learning in and about the arts is essential to intellectual development.
— Sir Ken Robinson
Author, Speaker, Advisor, Educator
You are facing the dragon everyday and you know it!
Finding creative and business talent
with an agile mindset, diverse skills, interdisciplinary experience and a continuous learing drive for high impact in
Training and Consulting in the digital age
is like searching for an extinct species
Challenge #1: Mindset
Finding people with open, agile and growth mindsets is a HUGE CHALLENGE! You know that because you are teaching your clients how to do that, but do you challenge yourself enough to be open to new, a real thought leader with a culture of collaboration and co-creation with others?
Challenge #2: Skillset
Finding people with diverse skillsets that are able to combine analytical thinking with creative action and apply these skills with energy and passion across disciplines: REALLY DIFFICULT! You know that because you have been looking for them everywhere.
Challenge #3: Experience
Finding people that have experience in various fields - from consulting and training to education, art, HR and international management - as well as deep industry insights combined with knowledge on hot topics and tools of new work, agile and innovation: WT#*//*!?
Challenge #4: Learning
Finding people that are self-starter and self-directed learners and have the inner urge to dive deep into new topics and technological developments while always keeping the big picture, global megatrends and customer needs in mind: UNBELIEVABLY RARE!
Your challenges need a solution!
This is where I come in:
Hi, I'm Judith,
I am here to contribute to your creative impact and your competitive edge. Why? Because it's all about collaboration for extraordinary value creation in the 21st century. Don't you think?
This is why we should join forces. Why with me? Because I do things differently. I fuse business and the arts for organisational development and for helping leaders to craft the future. I open and create new perspectives. I am The Business Artist.
Curious? Keep on reading.

Judith Hartlmaier
The Business Artist
The Business Artist:
Half Business Leader, Half Artist
The Business Artist creates high professional impact:
straight-forward, creative, interactive, emotional, sharp, visionary, stunning
UNFolding human potential in the digital age
Approach for Transformation
As The Business Artist I unfold the potential human beings have and empower leaders to use their talents and creativity in the digital age for strategic impact on organisational development, value creation and meaningful engagement. I have a unique approach to enable organisations and their leaders to craft the future.
As The Business Artist I am experienced and educated in both: business and the arts and even way beyond. Based on situation and context, I am able draw from diverse disciplines, talents, methods and skills to create the future.

As The Business Artist I go out into the world to observe, take different perspectives, explore, play, ask critically, collaborate with others, try, put to the test, discard, create, generate ideas, discuss, philosophise and fill the space.

As The Business Artist I am driven by the why or rather why-not, by curiosity, values and purpose, by an intrinsic drive to create the future and engage with others, by an interest in complex problems, interrelations and the big picture and by creating the future positively.

As The Business Artist I am not bound to one approach and do not feel endangered by freedom but am able to fill the space with new directions and learn new methods and approaches on the way.
The companies of our time
- your clients -
need unique and transforming experiences!
I know, because I have experience
in working with them:
I am a creative inspirator with focus on
human beings in the digital age
Development, growth and transformation of people and organisations in the digital age
with focus on human beings, purpose, interdisciplinarity, cross-cultural and networked approaches. This is what I do.
Are you looking for a unique talent with an edge?
My mindset and attitude behind The Business Artist is curious, intentional, impact-focused and value-driven. Quick learning and constant search for meaning and purpose are the foundation for creating and crafting the future.
I have a broad skillset with stong creative and ideation skills as well as strong analytical and strategic skillset. This is all combined with people focus and empathy and an extensive expertise on methods and tools.
I bring broad experience from various backgrounds: Startegic HR at BMW Brilliance in China, Consulting on Governance, Sustainability, Financial Risk and Corporate Treasury at PwC in Europe and China, Learning Design and Human-centred Education at various Business Schools,
Learning Drive
I am a self-determined, always curious and very quick learner. I am able to dive deep into new and complex concepts and situations to comprehend them and come up with solutions for impact on the spot.
Strengths for high impact
Seeing the big picture to fuse fields, cultures and ideas for impact
I bring an interdisciplinary background fusing various fields for solving complex problems, reinventing business and facilitating transformation.
I have extensive international work experience with sensitivity to international trends, culture, diverse people and a strong expertise on China and Asia.
I am notoriously curios and always looking for insights through questioning, observing and analysing data and by applying network and systems thinking.
My Topics
  • Foresight and Strategy Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Innovation Culture Design
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership for Creativity, Empowerment and Innovation
  • 21st Century Learning Design and Education
  • Future of Work
  • Innovation Management
  • Product and Service Design
  • Agile Management
My Methods
  • Academic and User Research
  • Talent Development
  • Design Thinking
  • Scrum
My International Experience
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • The UK
  • The Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Germany (citizen)
My Approach
I have developed my own working approach to support organisations to craft the future and develop their leaders: The Business Artist Way.
Business meets Arts
Seeing the big picture to fuse fields, cultures and ideas for impact
The Arts
I am a creative inspirator with focus on
human beings in the digital age
Development, growth and transformation of people and organisations in the digital age
with focus on human beings, purpose, interdisciplinarity, cross-cultural and networked approaches. This is what I do.
It's all about trust and impact!
My work is trusted by clients and partners...
Mike Fischer
I have been working with Judith since 2013 in strategy workshops, consulting projects, research and as co-trainer: she is a real wonder weapon! Her unique skillset and talents and her interdisciplinary working approach are a guarantee for impact and results. Judith is a quick thinker and delivers high-quality work.
Lena Scheiterbauer
Judith was my career coach in turbulent times and helped me reflect on my talents and skills to take important decisions and create my personal path for the future. Her empathy combined with analytical, creative and artistic methods helped me grow my confidence, realize my options and go for my goals!
Damian Czolek
Workshop Participant
The workshops I participated in with Judith were an experience like no other! Full of energy and drive, high expertise in methods and tools and always an eye on the future and opportunities: all of this delivered in a unique creative combination. She really inspired me to take the next steps with my development!
...and it is valued by
universities and accredited education institutes.
Selection from my Business Art Portfolio
See what my work looks like
Creative Lab Facilitation
Designing Corporate Innovation Culture for change
Performance Showing
Developing Authentic Leadership:
"Dance to be My Self"
Workshops and Vernissage
Developing Creativity and Personal Talent: "Express Yourself"
Product and Service Design
Applying user research, persona creation and ideation tools for exploration
Performance Speaking
Speaking meets Dance:
"Liquid Organisation - We need new organisational forms"
Intensive Workshop
Accelerator Programme for Founders
Design and Implementation for Creative Business Development
Speaking and Moderation
Prototyping Sessions
Using Design Thinking for Product and Service Development
Organisatinal Culture Development Project
Developing a transformation concept and implementing measures, events and workshops for change
Wake-up Shake Session
Growth Mindset, Self-Direction and Continuous Learning in the 21st Century
Most important for collaboration:
Do we share the same mindset?
My mindset and attitude as The Business Artist is curious, intentional, impact-focused and value-driven. Quick learning and constant search for meaning and purpose are the foundation for creating and crafting the future.
Looking at things from a holistic perspective is needed in today's world. Connecting the dots based on humanistic values and sustainable standards is essential to come up with healthy solutions. Creativity is the skill of the 21st century to create those solutions. Collaboration, engagement and co-creation are key aspects here. The mantra is: there can never be to many ideas and doing things differently is essential for new results. Challenging the status quo is required for a shift in mindset and positive change. For that, we need the human being as the essential part of transformation. We need purpose and meaning as a human basic need for growth and development to craft a positive future.
Judith Hartlmaier, The Business Artist
So here is my offer for you:

I'm all about collaboration with the right kind of people.
So this is about the fit: our Chemistry, shared mindset and values.
It is also about combining complemetary Profiles for more value.

If you want to work with me Do the following:

  • Invite me for a day to work with you and your team
  • Just throw me into cold water, I will dive right in
  • Get all the value I bring: bustling ideas, expertise, passion, etc.
  • See it for yourself. Listen to your gut and...

Then Make a decision:
You don't like what you see:
We part, one more experience richer, you pay the travel expenses, nothing more, that's it.
You like what you see:
You decide for the value of my work, I trust your decision and we talk about our options for the future.

But be quick: It's Ending on the xxst of September 2019.
You are one of the few potential partners hand-picked by me.
As soon as my calendar is filled, the spots are gone.
If we do not change the way we teach, 30 years from now we'll be in trouble. The things we teach (...) are things from the past 200 years - it's knowledge-based. And we cannot teach our kids to compete with machines, they are smarter.
I think we should teach our kids sports, music, painting - the arts - to make sure that they are different. Everything we teach should make them different from machines.
— Jack Ma
Founder of tech-company Alibaba